Did you answer the call?

Some of us need to be called by God more than once.

The Apostle Peter illustrates this point.

Jesus told Peter “Follow me.”

After Jesus was crucified, Peter went back to his comfort zone; being a fisher of fish.

Peter plied his trade all night and caught nothing. That’s when Jesus showed up and told Peter where to cast his net.

When Peter got that net breaking, boat sinking catch of fish, his eyes were opened, and he immediately left it and raced toward Jesus. [See John 21].

Isn’t it funny when God blesses you with the thing you are chasing but that’s not His call for your life?

When life gets tough, we sometimes go back to our comfort zone (as Peter went back to fishing for fish when Jesus called him to be a fisher of men).

What is God calling you to do?

Will you answer His call?