Bitter or Better

Do you get bitter or better when you get hurt or disappointed by loved ones? The church? Friends?

Getting bitter would be you saying:

·I will not let that happen again

·If you experienced what I did, you would understand why I am doing this

Getting better would be you saying:

·God, use this situation for Your Glory

·I’m not where I should be but I am on my way

Getting bitter or better depends on whether you love the world or love God. In other words, are you living for this world or for the world to come?

Jesus will never disappoint us. We will never be alone because the Lord will stand with us.

Jesus came to this world to save us and we crucified Him. He did not get bitter with us as He was doing His Father’s will.

In the same way, we can be in the middle of God’s will and He permits someone to hurt us. Should we get bitter? Absolutely not! God knows what He’s doing. And His ways are much, much better than ours.

I want to challenge you to get better when you get hurt or disappointed by someone or something.