Questions on Faith

Have you ever questioned faith, what it is, how you might gain more faith, is it in tandem with our spiritual lives?  What is the cost of your faith and what is faith actually? Hebrews 11 gives us one point of view. Does faith grow according to the trials and experiences we have encountered?

·Faith is also understood as a system of worship;

·Faith can be trust in someone/something – you have faith in your mechanic; (or not!!??);

·Faith can be a measure of one's spiritual growth - (Oh, ye of little faith); 

·Jesus said if we had faith as a grain of mustard seed – we could move mountains. (Moved any mountains lately?);

·Faith and healing are often linked in the Bible (the touch of his garment by the woman); and as when the Centurion who asked Jesus just to speak and his son would be healed;

·How about the woman at the well who understood who Jesus was and went to bring others?

Is our faith inextricably linked to our usefulness within the will of God? How much blessing do we miss or cause others to miss by our lack of faith? Do we hinder in some way our own spiritual growth by our lack of faith; by not going as did Abraham, where God wanted him to be, even though he was called to go where he had never been before? That is called stretching our faith!

How do we grow our faith?  at what cost? Is it necessary for spiritual growth? Trials and hardship increase our faith but they can also destroy us if we don't rely on His promises. We might give up on God because we feel He really doesn’t care – how could He allow this to happen! (He will not cause us to be tempted beyond ...)  When you head through a very tough situation, can you say without reserve …. He’s got this!

What are the stages of faith?  When does faithevolve into experiential knowledge (been there, done that) and is that detrimental to the strength of our faith?  (In both senses of the word faith).  Is what we process as faith really fatalistic thinking as in .. "What will be will be".

Unshakable faith allows for anything coming our way to be sanctioned by our belief that God will always lead us where we need to be and look out for our best interests. His master plan for our lives far out-weighs our near sightedness.

The challenge is to leave absolutely everything in His hands. Go where He wants us to go. Do whatever He wants us to do. Be who He wants us to be. We might need to reach beyond our own feeble efforts, our self-restraining, self-abasement feelings and surrender our faith to the faith giving God. Great rewards follow!