Hurt and Disappointment

Have you been hurt, disappointed, rejected or let down since you became a Christian? Sometimes we even experience these things in a Christian environment which can make us feel wounded or angry? The way we deal with this will affect us serving in God’s kingdom.

How can we serve God to our best ability when we are wounded or angry, especially when we are angry with a fellow Christian or someone or something from the church we attend? Being angry clouds our decision making and makes us irrational.

Some people can hold on to disappointment and hurt for a long time and sometimes they become bitter by doing this. Jesus taught us to pray “forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us” (emphasis added)

There are some people out there whose eyes are not open as yet; they haven’t met Jesus as yet. Some of them could be new Christians or Christians that are not mature enough to know that when we put our hurts and disappointments in God’s hands, it becomes useful to Him.

When Jesus was on the cross, the first thing He said was, “Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing.” I am thinking, of course they know what they are doing, they were the ones who were shouting “crucify him, crucify him,” yet, He said, “they don’t know what they are doing.” And we are called to follow in Jesus’ footsteps (1 Peter 2:21). We should be able to ask God to forgive those that hurt us.

Doing God’s will is our role as a Christian and part of Christianity is sometimes going through trying times or a rough patch for the advancement of the kingdom. That’s for our benefit as we can share our testimony with others to encourage them.

The bible does not say that the basis of our happiness is in our spouse, parents, sibling or kids. Our happiness is in Jesus. He is the only one that will never leave us or disappoint us.

What would you like your testimony to say? (1) You gave your life to Jesus, waited and then went to heaven? Or (2) once you were saved, you submitted to God’s will for your life and served Him faithfully through all the setbacks, disappointment, hurts and let downs.

Taking one or two of these hurts for the advancement of His kingdom sometimes is the difference that leads someone to give their life to Jesus.

We need to make Jesus number one in our lives by keeping our eyes on Him. In this way, we will know that hurts and disappointments can be used by God for advancing His kingdom.