I was at a retirement gathering recently for a school principal and enjoyed listening to the stories of how students’ lives were changed for the better because of the work of this individual. The seeds that were planted really bore fruit and will continue to bear fruit into the future that this individual may or may not hear of.

This got me thinking about our journey and how we are impacting this world for the Lord. The work that we are doing and the seeds that we are sowing in His name will bear fruit. Our retirement is when we go home to our Lord.

In the meantime, while we are still here on earth, we keep sowing seeds and keep telling others of His love for us. We never retire until God says we are retired.

I will be your God throughout your lifetime —  until your hair is white with age.
I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you
. – Isaiah 46:4 (NLT)