TheTeam worksso the dream works.

I watched an interview with an Olympic athlete a few months ago.  In that interview the athlete used that expression “The team works so the dream works”.  It stuck with me.  She of course, had physiotherapists, coaches, people who arranged her travel and papers as she attended many professional competitions, medical professionals and nutritionists as a part of her team.  But we also have our own teams!  

We all belong to four teams:

Team one: Woodvale

Whenever I am on the Serve Wall, I meet people who want to be part of the Woodvale Team. When we meet for prayer every month, we understand we belong to a dynamic and vibrant team and we feel a certain cohesiveness as we pray together and for each other.  When we participate in our Connect Groups, we are part of another team within Woodvale. We uplift each other in prayer for the daily struggles we all face.  Team work! Team Woodvale.

Team two: our families

Each of us shares a common interest as a family.  We love to be together and to participate in all sorts of activities. When someone in the family is sick, we pitch in and help whenever we can. We worship together (the family that prays together, stays together). Family is important. Team Family. 

Team three: at work/ in our surroundings

The people we work with or associate with during the week form another team.  We work together for a common goal and we each do something valuable toward that goal. On occasion it is not always easy to work with this team especially when they are not believers. The challenge now is to bring another dimension to that team, one of Christian love and a work ethic which magnifies the Lord in their midst.  The Work Team.

Team four: our own spiritual private team with God

To be at our best, we need to be one of those whom God can use. The message entitled:

People God Uses, lines out many distinct areas of which we should be aware, including allowing God to break through in our daily lives for something He has for us. Acts 3: 1   Peter and John went up to the temple at 3 in the afternoon. This was something deliberate and intentional. Our spiritual team (us and the Lord) needs to be deliberately directed. We cannot accept His direction in our lives if we are not listening and communicating with Him on a moment by moment basis.  Our Spiritual Team.  

To be most effective, every member of every team must pull their weight. In all our teams, we must approach each responsibility with clear and workable dreams or plans. The team works so the dream works! The Challenge: How good are you (or am I) at being intentional and influential in our team participation at all these various levels?