The God of Promise

I came across this quote the other day – “God is the God of promise. Faith involves trusting the promises of God. God makes a promise; faith believes it, hope anticipates it, patience quietly waits for it.” – Bible in one year – Nicky Gumble


This got me thinking about:

1.     Promises

2.     Faith

3.     Hope

4.     Patience

And how they are connected.


When we read the bible, we see the fulfillment of many promises and get a glimpse of God keeping His word. In the same way, when we read His word, we can hold on to it in that He will fulfill His promise to us for the glory of His name. The promises of God are “yes” and “amen” (see 2 Corinthians 1:20).


As we believe in God for the things not yet seen, we are to trust Him – (see Hebrews 11:1). The bible has many stories of faith where at the time of trusting the promise of God, it was not clear that the promise would be fulfilled especially when it was for something that there was no reference point that it could be related to. In other words, it did not happen in the past, for example, the promise to Sarah for Isaac (see Genesis 17: 15-19) .


Being hopeful is hard when our hope is not in the Lord. But then again, sometimes our hope is for a hobby and not for the promises of God, for example, I hope that my team wins the Stanley Cup. But when we trust in God regarding His promise and hope for the fulfillment of that promise, we stand on His word and we will not be put to shame for doing so (see Psalm 25:2-4).


Patience, as a fruit of the spirit, is something we get better at by trusting God (see James 1:2-8) At times, it may be difficult to exhibit patience but we should not take our eyes off the Lord as He will help us to become more patient.