Being Brave: Part 3

The Kick Off Breakfast has come and gone and it was wonderful. It was warm and welcoming and effectively launched the "new" year at Woodvale WM.

After the talk I had many, many women come to me and say things like, "I was number 1 or 2 or 3.." or "When you got to the 6th medal I just about lost it". I knew God had a message for the ladies and I'm glad it was received well.

I thought I would post a summary of the 'Medals of Bravery" I awarded this morning:

Medal 1  Purposeful Bravery [1Samuel]

Medal 2  Hidden Bravery [Judges 6]

Medal 3  Painful Bravery [Matthew 9:18-22]

Medal 4  Postional Bravery [Esther]

Medal 5  Anticipatory Bravery [The Gospels]

Medal 6  Grace Bravery [Luke 7]

Be encouraged. You are not alone. We are surrounded by those who are enduring courageously and actively facing whatever has come their way.

Share a summary of your story of bravery on the "Your Turn" page.