Palms Up in Patches of Sunlight - Third Installment in the Father Tucker series

So I was observing my dog again the other day.

His favourite chair on a sunny day is in a west-facing window upstairs. He will spend hours in that chair soaking up the sunlight. He will even turn his face towards it and close his eyes slightly. He just does what he has been designed to do. Instinctively.

I was so envious of him on this particular morning that I plopped myself down beside him and closed my eyes. And then, as my face warmed, I unclasped my hands and turned them palms up on my knees.

Why palms up you might ask? In his book, ‘Love Does’, author and lawyer Bob Goff shares how he counsels his clients who are being deposed (questioned by the other guy’s lawyer) to answer all questions with their hands open, and palms up. He is convinced one will be more honest, calm and accurate in this position. They will be less defensive. He suggests that God has hardwired us with a link between the position of our bodies and the posture of our hearts.

So I tried this out. In the sunlight. With my eyes closed. Because created things should do what they were created to do. Right?

And I was created to worship my Creator.

I was created to be in fellowship with Him.

Without defense.

Vulnerable and honest.

To commune with Him.

A dog doesn’t walk through a patch of warm sunlight. He lies down in the middle of it.

How often do we walk right through these moments?

These opportunities for quiet communion?

Imagining that there is any better way to spend that particular point in time?

“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.” ~Isaiah 30:15