Hi, I'm Allie and I'm one of your WM leaders. "This Is OUR Story" has been an amazing focus for us this year. OUR women are sharing their stories online or at one of our events. Their stories are stories of healing, faith, addiction, brokeness and so on. I, like you, have a story to tell. The long and short if it is this. I could ski pretty much anywhere or anything. It was what I put a lot of my identity in. One day (or over time!) the pain of osteoarthritis hit my back, hip, knees and feet. All before I hit 40. It eventually "took me down" at my favourite place in the world....WHISTLER. That was about 4 years ago. No longer was skiing available to me. The thought of it brought me to tears until about this year. Who am I, I'm not the strong, fit girl I once was. The girl my husband married. Skiing and gardening were taken away from me. Only a dream, a miracle would get me doing it again. To this day I can't do housework for long.....but God is the God of the MOUNTAIN's and the valley's. Yes, he's used those visuals for me. He has shown me that I am much more than a strong / tough woman who skied really well! The things I have accomplished in my pain have amazed me. They are even better than I could have done before the pain. God holds me and makes me strong. Now the goid part! This week I got a gift from above. I skied. Yes I did!!! The reality of it is still sinking in. Osteoarthritis is not curable. God can cure it though. He knows the desires of our hearts...mine is to ski with my boys. Until he heals me completely I will sing of his love and praise him for the gifts he gives me along the way. So this week I'm thankful for skiing Pakenham! It's not Whistler but as you can tell on my face, it might as well have been!!! This is MY story, this is my song. Praising my saviour all the day long.