"Hell cant separate us ...we're gonna make it through.... just keep on walking don't turn to the left or right. This is the promise I made to you. "

How many of us worship God and sing songs of deliverance in the midst of the unknown .... God gave me the gift of playing guitar at 8 years of age and at 10 began playing in church. 

Recently in counselling, there was a moment where I became aware of the gift that God had given me. When I look back I realize now that He was always by my side teaching me. It wasn't a man who taught me, it just happened by watching my father. I could not understand at 8 why others struggled so hard to pick up music but it just came out of me like water.

Through out my life , through struggles, the thing Ive tried to hang on to , which was challenging to do , was my song. it was given by God to keep me in the fight. I also realize now that it is the very  thing that I will have to fight to keep so I can use. The Enemy knows our God given weapons. The Enemy attempts to counterfeit all God gifts. But when used for the kingdom in battle this world becomes a much better place.

At one point in my journey when I had not picked up my guitar and sang because I was so burdened and upset with Him He said ....

"Rise up my love my fair one and come away for low the winter has passed, the rain is over and gone , the time for singing has come .... " I have not stopped since.

It's amazing to see how many people around me from time to time have challenged that in me but I continue to grow even closer to God and more powerful in Worship. 

He gives gifts ... What is the one He has given you? The one that reminds you that you are chosen and He's with you? Rise up my love ....God needs you... You are chosen..