Woodvale's library offers a wide selection of books and DVDs for all ages available to borrow

Our library is located on the lowest level of the church. Room  105 & 106 (near the  Ministry Centre)


Sundays after each morning service
10:15 AM -10:55 AM
12:30 PM - 1:00 PM


Phone # 613-829-2362 Ext 233

Books and other written resources may be borrowed for 3 weeks. Audio and Visual items may be borrowed for 1 week.

In order to borrow items from the library, you must have a valid Woodvale library card. A separate application is required for each individual.

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The following section must be completed if applying for a child's library card. Children who have reached their 10th birthday may sign out their own library material using their own card without a parent president Children under 10 may have a libarary material approopriate to their age signed out on their behalf by a parent/guardian/older sibling. They are issued their own library card so that the material for them does not impact the amount the parent may take out for their own reading/viewing material
If applying for child
Name of Child
Name of Child
Conditions: I understand that at this time I may borrow 3 books for 3 weeks and 2 audio/visual items for 1 week and that this policy may be revised should the library see the need. This also applies to cards in my children's name I understand that late fees will be charged tom my account after a week of grace. I understand that if late fees add up to the maximum allowed my priveleges will be suspended. I understand that damage to any item beyond normal usage will require replacement cost and will be paid to the library. I understan that replacement costs will be paid for all lost materials signed out under my or my child's name. I will handle all library items carefully and return them in good condition. I will not loan my card to any other person and will be responsible for all items borrowed on my card. I will report the loss of card immediately. ALPHA and LIFEGROUP: As well as the above conditions: I understand that when the course I participate in is complet my library access and use will also stop. *