Woodvale has many opportunities for you to serve.  Please note the immediate needs below. If you click on a position title you can view a job description (*M - Membership required). 

We would like everyone to take our Serve 101 class.  You only need to do it once.  The next class is at 7pm on Wednesday, November 13 in Balcony Room C.  Once you've taken the class, you will have a brief meeting with a Volunteer Coordinator who will review your passions, abilities and gifts and suggest a specific area of ministry to suit you.  If you feel comfortable to proceed, you'll meet with the Pastor or ministry leader who oversees the ministry.  If they need more help, and you seem to be a good fit, you can get started soon (unless Membership, Police Check and/or First Aid Training are required).

Current needs





"The Wall" Staff

If you have taken Serve 101 and are looking for an area to serve in, contact us:

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